1on1 Support Offers

I pracitce many different forms of 1on1 support, including the following that I have created myself:

And for conscious business people, I also offer...

Per minute rate of 2.5€

I work with a per-minute rate to ensure that we can both extend and shorten our sessions as we desire.

When we start, we will set a default lenght to be adusted, such as 60min - which I will charge you upfront. 

If we go more than 5min over our agreed amount time, I will let you know and if you want to continue the per minute rate for the additional time will then kick in - which you can pay at a later point in time, by default after our last agreed upon session, which we will also schedule upfront.

I will try to keep my calendar free for a total of 90 minutes, which I consider to be a solid duration for a cycle of uninterrupted focus.

My minimal charge per session are 20min - including for impromput calls - , because of the space that I am making for you, outside of my other activities and how long it can sometimes take to get back into the flow after I give you my full attention.

I am looking forward to supporting you to step into your sovereignty even more fully!