First Digital Impression Upgrade: Your Digital Presence Analysis with quick Immediate Implementation

I am a fan of quick wins (as you can see on this webpage ;) 

And there are often a few straightforward actions that professionals can take to enhance their digital presence effectively.

Firstly, certain elements on websites or social media profiles may detract from your professional image and require removal. For instance, content from earlier phases of your career that no longer reflects your professional identity can be archived or restricted in access to maintain coherence with your current professional persona.

Secondly, it's common to find that not all links in your digital portfolio direct traffic to your current services, indicating opportunities for funnel optimization. A comprehensive web surface analysis will scrutinize all aspects of your online presence, ensuring each component—from decade-old blog posts to recent articles—aligns with your current endeavors and has a link to your most up-to-date offering.

By implementing these recommendations, you can amplify and streamline your funnel using existing content, easily enhancing the impact of your existing digital footprint.

Applicable Areas

Implementation Scope: This analysis focuses exclusively on aspects you can modify in real time, independently of third parties like web developers or social media platforms. I will provide practical workarounds where necessary.



Single Website Review (Multiple Pages): €100

Comprehensive Digital Presence Review: €500

Note: I offer a sliding scale pricing model to accommodate varying scopes of digital presence.