Digital Presence Analysis with quickly-implementable action-steps

There are a lot of easily-implementable actions that professionals can do to boost their digital presence.

On the one hand, often not all of one's links actually point towards one's current offers, which means one's funnel can be optimized.

A full web-surface feedback includes a thorough online search for any kind of online presence and if it links to what you are currently intending to bring attention to. Including whether your blogs from 10 years ago is linked to your current entrepreneurial project or your article on the importance of connection is linked to your coaching offering.

On the other hand, there are a few minor aspects of websites or overview surfaces of social media accounts that draw unwanted attention and can be removed. 

For example, sometimes in a previous life-phase one has posted things about oneself that are incoherent with one's current professional self. The quickly-implementation step is to archive or change access.

All together this analysis can boost & streamline your funnel without any new content. Implementing web-presence feedback can make sure you get the most of of what you have already created.

What this can apply to:

I will only apply this to things that you can actually change in real-time without any third-person such as a web-developer or a social media platform (I can show you workarounds for that).

What you will get

I will send you 


For a single website review with multiple pages my default asking price is 100 Euro 

and for a full analysis of digital presence (including how they are linked up) it is 250 Euro 

I am happy to offer a sliding scale based on your circumstances (eg. bigger or smaller presence).

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